NPC-Con 2012 is over for another year. And we had sooo much fun! What was your favorite part of the con?


23/10/2012 9:10am

I loved meeting new people and trying out some new games, didn't get a chance to try the Table Tops but some of the board games were awesome, it was a really neat experience, I really look forward to going again next year.

27/10/2012 5:06am

The whole thing was fantastic! Chris Dias rocked it with excellent visuals and a great game, and Anthony van Poppelen from Pathfinders was great at introducing the Pathfinders system and had great adventures, too, for us! Loved seeing the different costumes people had, and loved that we get a set of dice with the cost of our admission. Excellent food choices, too. Great idea to have a Silent Auction.

06/10/2013 9:14pm

Was browsing through Weebly when I stumbled here


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